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Sayaran is a public opinion platform in Jordan and Lebanon for women and gendered opinions on public issues. It is a feminist opinion leadership project that aims to facilitate and encourage public debate and discourse around gender issues.

In every issue, Sayaran publishes up to ten articles from both Lebanon and Jordan, in both Arabic and English. Each article is accompanied by an infographic that highlights its key messages and findings, and feature articles are also accompanied by a video for the same purpose.

Sayaran aims to attract young, alternative, and critical articles but remains open to all individuals interested in public issues from a feminist perspective, or articles on public issues written by women and individuals of non-dominant gender identities.

The project comes to complement and build on a more comprehensive approach to gender integration in politics. Through the publication of an ongoing journal, this project aims primarily to influence the discourse around gender in politics and public opinion, as we consider that the discourse around gender in the public sphere can and will affect dominant narratives on the subject and position actors as experts on their own field.

Sayaran is a project run and implemented by Hivos. All articles published in Sayaran are required to uphold the standards of balanced opinions, supported arguments and plausible conclusions. The content, however, remains expressive of the views of the writers themselves and their publication in Sayaran should not be considered to be an endorsement from Sayaran in specific, or Hivos in general.